• Textbook of Aging Skin

Textbook of Aging Skin

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Kargoya Teslim Tarihi : 50 - 60 Gün
Yazar : Miranda A. Farage, Kenneth W. Miller, Howard I. Maibach
Sayfa Sayısı : 2222
Baskı Tarihi : 2016
ISBN : 9783662473979
This comprehensive book presents the latest information on all aspects of the aging skin, including a broad spectrum of the relevant basic science, malignant and non-malignant age-associated diseases and conditions, techniques and methods, toxicological and safety considerations in the elderly, psychological and social issues, ethnicity and gender differences and marketing to the aged. Since the first edition the book has been extensively updated and revised, with the inclusion of many additional chapters that describe the most recent advances in scientific, medical and technical understanding of the aging phenomenon. There is, for example, extended coverage of physiology, description of novel bioengineering methods and tools, detailed consideration of developments in genomics research, and information on new ingredients and products. Textbook of Aging Skin is written by global experts and thought leaders and is intended to serve as the single and complete reference on the subject. It will be of value for dermatologists, gerontologists, toxicologists, biologists and a range of other professionals.